About Us

Cheryl and Glen Jenkins are the Owners of C & G Enterprizes, a California based company specializing in PERSONALIZED CD'S, SINGING & DANCING DVD'S & PERSONALIZED STORYBOOKS". "YOUR CHILD BECOMES THE STAR in all of our products!

Our CD's & Singing & Dancing DVD's are very uplifting, confidence building, Fun, Educational & Interactive and sings YOUR CHILD'S NAME in some of the CD's & DVD's, 90 times in 12 Songs. Your Child Loves to Hear Their Name! Our Washable Hardcover PERSONALIZED STORYBOOKS" are written with YOUR CHILD being the Character in the Storybook along with their Family, and or Friends, in the Storybook with them. Our Storybooks becomes a "KEEPSAKE FOREVER"!.

Cheryl and Glen love making all of their products for children from orders received from this website and or from their booth located @ College of The Desert in Palm Desert. California. Order for YOUR CHILD today!

Orders may take 7-10 business days from receipt of your order including delivery to your address by mail.

Any questions or concerns, please call: (503) 515-2582