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My Very Own Music
A beginning CD for Newborns to 3. Sings your child's name 40 times in 8 songs. Watch your child's little face light up when they hear their name in the fun music. A little wake up song, an Alphabet Song, A Driving in the Car Song, etc. ..
Music for Me
Our #1 Selling CD for All Ages! This CD will sing your child's name 90 times in 12 songs. Each song has a different upbeat tempo they love. Start's with a different wake-up song than our beginning CD, called My Very Own Music. Most Popular CD is Music For Me!! ..
Kids Juke Box Vol. II - A Full Day of Adventure
An audio adventure singing your child's name in all of the songs about everyday activities that can be an adventure whether it is going to the supermarket, the pet store, or even taking a trip in the car. Fun, Silly Songs for all ages 1 & up. ..
Spider-Man and You
This CD features eight exciting personalized songs that are sure to make your little superhero come to life! Imagine Marvel's most popular heroes, like Spider-man, Wolverine and Friends taking your child on an audio adventure. Your child’s name is sung several times per song to help hold their attention unlike any other music CD. Watch as your little superhero laughs and giggles as they hear their name used over and over. ..
Barney Music For Me
Personalized Barney Music CD! A personalized children's CD that features 20 tracks that are both stories and songs including the Classic I LOVE YOU song, Rain, Rain Go Away and Bright New Day. Your child will hear her/his name sung several times throughout the CD. ..
You Can Do Anything ** (Also Available in DVD) **
This fun-filled album includes eight original upbeat songs, personalized using the child’s name an amazing 106 times. It stresses the importance of imagination and determination, your special child can do, or be anything, and dreams can come true. A gift of inspiration . . . assures that they can do anything in the future to come.   ..
You're An Angel
This endearing album, personalized 35 times, features two original lullabies combined with classic favorites that are familiar to everyone. The skillful arrangements of the music and creative instrumentation will . . . live in the child’s precious memories as they peacefully drift off to sleep.   ..
Fun Time Nursery Rhymes **(Also Available in DVD)**
This fun-filled and exciting album includes 22 classic nursery rhymes you remember from your own childhood, enhanced with upbeat music and special effects. These happy, comical renditions, personalized 37 times, will have your special child laughing, singing, and dancing along . . . a good, good time and hours of fun. The whole family will love singing these Classic Nursery Rhymes with the Child! ..
Jesus Loves You **(Also Available in DVD)**
For the first time, the quality of top-selling Christian music has been personalized with the child’s name 41 times in eight songs. This compelling album carefully combines a selection of classics, familiar to parents and grandparents, with verses, such as John 3:16, that teach Scripture and . . . assure the child that God loves them personally. For all ages, inspiration & emphasizing that Jesus Loves You! ..
You Are My Friend
This album includes eight original songs and sings your child's name 98 times. These are fun and uplifting songs about friends doing fun things together. A PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUR CHILD TO GIVE AS A GIFT FOR HIS OR HER BEST FRIEND!!   ..
The Wubbles Adventure **(Also Available in DVD)**
This action-packed album includes 14 songs and stories personalized 52 times. Your special child becomes one of the Half/Size Heroes in this riveting adventure of saving the Wubbles, bubbles with a wish inside, from the Pop-Its, those meanies that want to pop the Wubbles. The high-energy music, skillful sound effects, and creative instrumentation will stimulate your special child’s imagination as . . . one of the Half/Size Heroes. For ages 4 & up to 8-9! Both boys & girls love to mimic the dancing moves in some of the songs! ..