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You Can Do Anything (DVD)
This Personalized DVD includes motivating songs from the fun-filled album, “You Can Do Anything”. Jacob and Alana, from the original cast of “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?”, star in this exciting adventure. Their energy and excitement will inspire your special child to do or be anything, and that dreams really do come true. The upbeat music, skillful animation and positive message appeal to both children and adults. This video emphasizes the importance of imagination and determination. This DVD is interactive with Singing & Dancing & Simon Says, too! ..
Fun Time Nursery Rhymes (DVD)
This personalized music DVD contains 12 classic nursery rhymes enhanced with upbeat music, special effects, and a narrative story. These comical renditions will be a good, good time and hours of fun. The child's name is used 25 times. The whole family will love singing these Classic Nursery Rhymes with the Child! ..
Jesus Loves You (DVD)
For the first time, the quality of top-selling Christian music has been personalized with the child’s name 41 times in eight songs. This compelling album carefully combines a selection of classics, familiar to parents and grandparents, with verses, such as John 3:16, that teach Scripture and . . . assure the child that God loves them personally. For all ages, inspiration & emphasizing that Jesus Loves You! ..
The Wubbles Adventure (DVD)
This Personalized DVD includes fun dance sequences and energetic songs from the action-packed album, “Half/Size Heroes, The Wubbles Adventure”. It explores the incredible rescue of the Wubbles (bubbles with a wish inside) from the Pop-Its, those meanies that want to pop the Wubbles. The lively music, dynamic sound effects and impeccable animation deliver an enjoyable experience. This video encourages imaginative possibilities, creativity and light-hearted fun. For ages 4 & up to 8-9! Both boys & girls love to mimic the dancing moves in some of the songs! ..